Protection Package

What is Platinum Theft Protection

The system incorporates three components:

  1. Identification Code

    A non-removable police traceable identification code is permanently etched on all the major glass of your vehicle or imprinted onto selected body panels of your vehicle. The identification code is registered into a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the selling dealership, and the vehicle's owner.

  2. Warning Decal

    Visible warning decals on the driver and front passenger windows identify the vehicle as being registered with a national theft prevention company. These decals warn thieves that the vehicle's key components are marked.

  3. Theft Recovery

    The Platinum Theft Protection also aids in recovering stolen vehicles and assists you with related expenses.

The Platinum Theft Protection system discourage thieves from stealing marked vehicles.

All windows are etched with registered number

  • This theft-deterrent warranties the vehicle against theft for a four-year term.
  • If the vehicle is stolen, and not recovered, you receive up to a $5000 credit* towards a replacement vehicle purchased at Trinity Auto Centre.

    * The credit amount matches the insurance payout amount up to $5000.
    Example 1: insurance payout = $7000, credit amount = $5000. new vehicle $13000
    Example 2: insurance payout = $3000, credit amount = $3000. new vehicle $6000

What is an AirCare Report?
Emissions Report, certified to be a PASS
Note: Not required on all vehicles.

Accident Report

The following information is provided on an ICBC Accident Report

  • ICBC claims involving vehicle damage
  • Branding (Salvage, rebuilt, Altered, For Parts Only)
  • Vehicle Origin

LIEN Report

Any outstanding interest in the vehicle by any party will be declared on a Lien Report