About Us

Trinity Auto Center was started in 2004 by its owners looking to accomplish two goals: to establish a source for the public to buy great late model vehicles including many luxury lines at prices that everyone can afford, and to change the whole vehicle buying experience for the regular consumer.

The majority of people didn't enjoy the car buying experience.  We took the adversarial style out of car shopping, where you put on your hockey equipment before daring to walk onto a car dealership’s lot.  We want to earn your business today, and keep it forever, which is why we would rather help every client fill their needs and budget while treating them with respect the whole time.  We want to become your “Car-Guy” who you rave about and refer to all your friends and family. 

As the market evolved, so did Trinity Auto.  The owners decided to always supply to kind of vehicles, pricing, purchasing and leasing options that people wanted.  From the meager beginnings at a 15 car lot in North Vancouver, to our Coquitlam location in 2007 and our Coquitlam Super Center Expansion in 2009 with over 100 vehicles available on hand and 1000s available through our dealer network.

The company has always been built on the owners’ principals of “Providing Quality Vehicles at Competitive Pricing” and “Treating our Clients to Stay With Us Forever”. 

The services we currently provide:

  1. Over 100 in-stock vehicles, and thousands available from our dealer and auction networks, ranging from entry level commuter cars to high end luxury vehicles.
  2. Vehicle sourcing service, finding people the right car, truck or suv to fit their wants and budget.
  3. Us vehicle importation for the public and other dealerships.
  4. Credit pre-approval service for people sure or unsure about their credit situation.
  5. Auto loan re-financing, to help people lower their interest rate or payments.
  6. Vehicle budgeting services to help people budget their lives and build their credit and future.

  Our Credit and Banking center was established in 2005 with 3 main goals:

  1. To help people obtain credit to purchase the vehicles of their choice at rates and payments that they can afford.
  2. To provide valuable services to clients in relating to their new vehicle purchase.
  3. To help people establish or re-establish credit along with credit education.